The O.B. Stock S.a.s. has got its origins in the firm OBBI born in the 1974 from the idea of two founder partners: Orlandini Orlando e Bernocchi Loris.

Their first centre was of 800 mq situated in Prato 60, Cavour street. It was abandoned in the 1986.

The first period was characterized by the capacity to operate also in other fields of trade of cloths. In a short time the firm was considered a place of market for a large variety of things.

In 1986 the OBBI closed and the O.B. Stock S.a.s. arose that moved its seat in GALCIANESE street in Prato. Here the firm specialized in trade of cloths and had its first momentous recognition of its own work collaborating with the production of the film of Bernardo Bertolucci "The last emperor" winner of nine Oscar prizes also for customers.

In the 1990 O.B. Stock S.a.s. had a further transfer to the present seat: 10, San Giusto street.